(if different from above)
(where applicable)
Guideline Nigerian Ownership/Shareholding (above 51% Nigerian JV or Nigerian with Partnership)
Attach a copy of Certificate of Incorporation Attach evidence of relevant industry registration and licenses, standards (e.g. DPR, OGTAN, ISO, etc.)
(Attach the curriculum vitae please)
(Alternate must be within Executive/Senior Management Cadre)
(Board, Management team and key roles)
(e.g. Research, Training, Consultancy, Technical Operations, Management, etc.)
(Management, Technical, On –the –Job (Attach list)
Attach evidence of International accreditation e.g. OPITO, IIW, API, IMO, CITY & GUILDS etc. (where applicable) Attach evidence of international affiliations/ technical partnerships (e.g. MoAs, other agreements, etc.) Attach evidence of accreditation by relevant body(ies) - to offer their courses/programs.
(where applicable)
(e.g. MoAs, other agreements, etc.)
(attach details)
(If yes, please elaborate – additional sheet required)
(Attach curriculum vitae & photocopies of credentials)
Attach evidence of experience as training provider for accredited training-eg Provide training Contracts/Lols performed, Training records, Certificates issued(maximum of 3)
(Please tick)
(e.g. classrooms, lecture rooms, conference halls, syndicate rooms, workshop, simulation center, library etc. size in sqm of facility)
(No of trainees per session)
(computers/laptops. servers, simulators, manuals, audio-visual aids, test rigs, vessels etc)
(e.g PDMS, Primavera, AutoCAD, Staadpro, Pipesim etc. where applicable)
(where available) Provide evidence of HSE, Document Control, QA/QC Procedures etc
Additional Information
(where available) Provide evidence of HSE, Document Control, QA/QC Procedures etc