Aims and Objectives

In alignment with the Human Capacity Development Guidelines and the NOGICD Act, 2010 OGTAN established to


  • To ensure the implementation of a structured and standardized approach to Human Capacity Development in the Oil and Gas industry.

  • To operate as a Training Business Group (Umbrella Body) and interface with the key stakeholders in the industry - National, International Oil & Gas companies and Government.

  • To provide a platform for training providers to engage Government Regulatory Agencies in formulating policies and developing strategies for domiciling training in Nigeria.

  • To facilitate the creation of sustainable partnerships between local and international organizations thus ensuring that globally accepted standards are deployed for human capacity building.

  • To bridge the gap between the academia and the industry by arranging liaisons with the Universities, Polytechnics and Research Institutes

  • To promote opportunities for On-the-Job Trainings through collaborative efforts with operating and service companies in Nigeria